EXM3200 Nucleic Acid Isolation System


Extract 32 Samples Under 10 Minutes!

The EXM3200 is designed as a high-tech instrument to isolate and purify the nucleic acid through magnetic bead method featuring more efficient extraction, smaller size and safer operation.

This unit has better scalability as it allows single plate operation (16 samples), dual plate operation (32 samples), and between 1 to 15 samples using the reusable Single Run Adaptor with Single Extraction Format Kit (Order No: B-200-20). Operation time of 9.5 minutes is maintained regardless of 1 or 32 samples.


  • Throughput: 1 to 32
  • Typical Completion Time: Less than 10 minutes*
  • Extraction Kit: Pre-loaded
  • Working Principle: Magnetic beads
  • Sample Volume: 200µL
  • Heating: Built-in
  • Control Interface: 8.4" Touch Screen
  • Contamination Control: Built-in UV Lamp
  • Exhaust and Filtration: HEPA Filter
  • Dimension (L x W x H): 375 x 415 x 440 mm
  • Weight: 27 kg

* For purpose of extracting Viral RNA for Covid-19 detection, pipetting of carrier RNA is omitted. Pre-automated preparation involve only addition of Proteinase K and samples, then load to instrument.