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EXM 6000

Nucleic Acid Isolation System

EXM 6000
EXM 6000

Product Highlight

12 Minutes for Extraction of 96 Samples


User-friendly for first-time and experienced operators
•No ROX correction required
•Preset projects, such as COVID-19, influenza A/B project

Advanced temperature control block
•The high-level peltier chip combined with a new generation of semiconductor haeting and cooling technology greatly improves the heating and cooling rate, and the heating rate can reach up to 6 °c/s
•Six independent temperature control blocks improve the accuracy and uniformity of temperature control

Excellent optical system
•Use high efficiency LEDs light source, maintenance-free for life
•Unique test tube side daylighting technology, four-channel fast daylighting only takes 20s, automatically adjusts gain, improves the fluorescence signal sensitivity and signal to noise ratio
•Unique time-resolved signal seperation technology, no multi-color crosstalk

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ZYB#ZIP-96V ZIP-96 Real Time PCR System, 96 Wells, 4 Channels