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EXM 3200

Nucleic Acid Isolation System

EXM 3200
EXM 3200

Product Highlight

High Recovery Rate


Intelligent and Efficient
• The software reminds when the magentic sleeve is not inserted correctly to prevent magnetic rod from contamination
• Alarm reminder for abnormal failure

Easy Operation
• Contain 5 sets of preset programs to meet basic program needs
• Reduce operation process and time with prefilled reagent kit

Excellent Performance
• Magentic flux is up to 5500 GS to avoid risk of magenetic bead down
• Editable extraction program and store more than 500 programs

Safety and Reliable
• Equipped with ventilation facilities and negative pressue exhaust function
• Equipped with HEPA filter and filter element to ensure operator safely
• After extraction, automatic UV sterilization reminder

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2 Product Option(s)

Product# Product Name
ZYB#EXM-3200 Nucleic Acid Automated Isolation System for 32 Samples
ZYB#EXM-6000 Nucleic Acid Automated Isolation System for 96 Samples