Automate qPCR prep. So you can take a back seat.

The OT-2 from Opentrons is an affordable, easy-to-use pipetting robot that uses integrated electronic pipettes to transfer liquids and run experiments for biologists in their labs. These electronic pipettes are a novel design created by Opentrons, and provide scientists with fast, accurate, and precise liquid transfers for a fraction of the price of other lab automation systems.

It is interesting to note the flexibility of the hardware configurations. The 11-deck platform allows configurations including magnetic, temperature and thermocycler modules. The OT-2 robot allows swappable single and 8-channel pipettes to better suite the design of your workflow. Each deck follows standard SBS format, as all open systems go, allowing users to use existing labware.


  • Accuracy: 15% at 1µL
  • Precision: 5% at 1µL
  • Deck slots: 11 slots + trash
  • Speed: Fast fill a 96-well plate in 22 seconds
  • Available Single Channel: 1-20µL / 20-300µL / 100-1000µL
  • Available 8-Channel: 1-20µL / 20-300µL
  • Size: Width: 63cm x Depth: 57cm x Height: 66cm

Learn more from Opentron's YouTube Video