PCR for Epigenetics

EPIKTM Amplification Kit
To overcome challenges associated with bisulfite-modified DNA

 Unbiased cDNA synthesis

SensiFASTTM cDNA Synthesis Kit
Unique blend of random primers and anchored oligo(dT) primers

 Bisulfite conversion simplified

innuCONVERT Bisulfite Basic Kit
Complete conversion of non-methylated cytosine to uracil in just a few hours


Safety First!

GelRed & GelGreen Nucleic Acid Stains
Want to stain and image your DNA, without the risks of ethidium bromide? Change your risk levels without changing your geldoc

Your gelling options

HyAgaroseTM Gels
Choose the right gel for the right job: HR Agarose, 3:1 Agarose and LM Agarose. Not forgetting the general purpose HyAgarose LE

As easy as not weighing

InstantAgaroseTM Tablet
Avoid the hassle of weighing away with these fast dissolving agarose tablets. In convenient blister pack. With less than 1 minute handling time, we say you've just earned a 15 minutes coffee break



Sigma Cell Culture Medium, Sera and Supplements

Trusted for more than 25 years. In cellular point of view, that is generations of trustworthiness.
Cell culture consumables

SPL Lifesciences
Wide range of high quality cell culture products.

Premium FBS

U.S. Origin Fetal Bovine Serum
Produced using only the finest raw material and a proven processing system.

"THE" most sensitive detection

Western Bright Sirius
See bands you couldn't detect before on chemiluminescent system.

Unique protein transfer buffer

FLASHBlot Transfer Buffer
Transfer protein in less than 20 minutes using your own electrophoresis apparatus.

Detect less than 1ng of protein

AdvanStain Scarlet Protein Stain
Fluorescent stain for gels and blots with simple 3-hour protocol. Destain for downstream Western blotting.


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