Covid-19 Viral RNA Extraction

Explore nucleic acid extraction systems and kits from low to high throughput labs.

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Covid-19 Detection Kits

Validated Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Real Time Multiplex RT-PCR kit is available.

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Real-Time PCR Machines

These qPCR instruments allow multiple target detection.

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VTM Swabs for Virus Sampling

Learn more about disposable sample collection kit with virus transport media (VTM).

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NORMA BAHARU : The new normal

COVID-19 has indeed affected the livelihood of all of us. Coming into a decade since our establishment, we are now facing the same pandemic as every Malaysian and all of humanity.

As an experienced supplier for the local biotech industry, we will use our knowledge to the best of our ability to source for quality solutions to help these laboratories in screening and research, ultimately to fight against the coronavirus that is affecting us all.