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MATRIOUX brings technology expertise and delivers reliable solutions on research strategy, laboratory setup and diagnostics work.  We distribute wide range of molecular products.  The product portfolio can be categorized into two business units:  Instruments Business Unit & Consumables Business Unit.  We offer products such as rapidReal-time machine & PCR machine, Automated Extraction System, Liquid Handling System, Homogenizer, Nano-volume Spectrophotometer, Biosafety Cabinets, COO2 Incubator, Freezers, Chiller,  micropipette, extraction kits, cell culture plasticwares, consumables and reagents for use in PCR/Real-Time PCR etc.  In addition, we also provide customized research and consulting services.  Our market segmentation comprises of public & private universities, research institutes, healthcare organization, stem cells research and biopharmaceuticals..


Since day one of the company establishment, our thought is to communicate a solitary message to align with the corporate vision & mission.  We abridge the ideology into our corporate slogann science(dot)forward with hope of building shared values among our stakeholders.

The word science originated from Latin ‘scentia’ which means knowledge.  Science conveys an entirely new perspective on how we view phenomenon within the environment we live on.   We are skilled at environmental sciences, zoology, cancer & diseases, genetic coding, drugs discovery, and so many more through myriad of scientific researches.   Nevertheless, a new discovery still do wonders to our mind!  It is knowledge that we acquired through the continuous learning that gives us perfected wisdom. 

The forward attachment to the science encourages us to be ‘visionary’.  Scientists whom relentlessly seek methods to score in novel discoveries have this faith.  With technological advances, fundamental breakthrough in science is highly promising.  We want to be pioneering conduct at a more efficient & effective method. 

Our motto is as simple as its read – “science(dot)forward”. 

So does our vision.  We want to lead science together with you..

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Our work team consists of people with multitude competency in the segments we dwelled into.  We are passionate about the company and the work we do.  We are clique on “Eco-Green” products too!!

MATRIOUX has also established synergistic business partners from around the globe.  We recognized strategic alliances in the distribution channels to increase the supply chain efficiency with hope to bring the best resources to our clients’ doorstep in less time & hassle-free.

We intend to progress collectively with our stakeholders. Communication & delivery of technology best suited for our client’s work is our profession. We pledge to provide reliable & exceeding ordinary service to all our stakeholders. Crafting a sophisticated working locale for our work team is our priority.  We valued our employees & endorse creativity at work..

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