EXM3000 Nucleic Acid Isolation System


32 Samples Under 10 Minutes

The EXM3000 is designed as a high-tech instrument to isolate and purify the nucleic acid through magnetic bead method featuring more efficient extraction, smaller size and safer operation.


  • Throughput: 1 to 32
  • Typical Completion Time: Less than 10 minutes*
  • Extraction Kit: Pre-loaded
  • Working Principle: Magnetic beads
  • Sample Volume: 200µL
  • Heating: Built-in
  • Control Interface: 8.4" Touch Screen
  • Contamination Control: Built-in UV Lamp
  • Exhaust and Filtration: HEPA Filter
  • Dimension (L x W x H): 375 x 415 x 440 mm
  • Weight: 27 kg

* For purpose of extracting Viral RNA for Covid-19 detection, pipetting of carrier RNA is omitted. Pre-automated preparation involve only addition of Proteinase K and samples, then load to instrument.